e-Studyante Pak
200 MB Disk space
4 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited E-mail
80 pesos/mo.
e-Stambay Pak
650 MB Disk space
13 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited E-mail
225 pesos/mo.
Advanc-e Pak
2GB Disk space
40 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited E-mail
600 pesos/mo.
EntityServers: About us...

EntityServers.com is a privately owned and managed web host provider based in Cebu, Philippines. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of the IT industry in the country by providing quality, reliable, and cost-efficient web hosting services to the Filipino IT community. We have been in the business since May 2005 and on May 26th this year, we are on our 5th year of giving you fast, powerful, and reliable web hosting service.

...and our Servers

We are currently utilizing the best equipments and technology to provide you with the best web hosting service there is. Our network is fully meshed and redundant with 10 tier one backbone providers with at least 1Gbps Crossing, Level3, nLayer, Sprint, Time Warner, UUNET, and Verio. Should one connection fail, the other connections automatically take over. Our servers are physically located in one of the most secured facilities in the world. Your websites will be operated out of two world-class datacenters, ThePlanet and NAC. ThePlanet is located in Dallas, Texas and offers complete redundancy power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security. NAC is located in Parsipanny, New Jersey and considered one of the best networks in the world. Our network is monitored 24hours 7days a week by highly trained personnel, thus keeping your sites physically and electronically secured.

Want to know more? E-mail us or
Send us a text message through +63 916 553 9578/+63 927 686 3100

Features Include

24/7 E-mail Support
Whether it's 3 p.m. or 3 a.m., our expert technicians will always be here to answer any question you may have regarding your account.

Powerful Servers
Our servers run Dual/Quad-Core Xeon processors with up to 4096 MB of RAM and SATA drives with RAID-1 for redundancy.

Manage your website with Cpanel, the leading website control panel. It comes with loads of applications that would make it easier for you to setup and manage your website.

E-commerce, Sitebuilders, Web monitoring tools, Fantastico...
Plus a lot more!